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Thousands of work-related accidents occur
every day, and represents a significant
portion of personal injury lawsuits.

Workers are injured or killed at their workplace, or in and out of their jobs resulting in permanent illnesses and disabilities every year. When a worker has been involved in a work-related injury or has been affected by work-related disease or illness, they are eligible to receive compensation for their injury or illness.

For a work-related injury, in order to be eligible for compensation a person must have sustained a personal injury or disease which occurred during the period of employment.

  • When referring to a work-related injury, this means that the injury must have arose when the person had been working, and that the injuries sustained was due to the actions required by the job.

  • When referring to a disease, this means that the worker had contracted a disease caused by the work environment or the actions required by the job or work itself.

  • The Workers Compensation Law is continually changing and very complex, and so we strongly advise that you contact us immediately following your work-related injury so that we can correctly assess, diagnose, and treat your injuries to explain the benefits you are entitled to receive without question.

    Work-related accidents happen all the time. If you have been hurt or injured in an accident at your workplace, or at a job related to your work, contact ABC Law Office Toronto, as our personal injury law firm will fight for every dollar that you deserve to compensate your suffering and pain, pay for medical expenses not covered by OHIP, as well as lost wages and income.

    Our personal injury law firm in Toronto are very experienced in work-related injuries, and very aggressive to fight penny-pinching insurance companies that are reluctant to give you fair compensation (if at all). We assure you that by using our personal injury services, you will understand your personal rights to rehabilitative and monetary compensation to regain your financial, physical, mental, and emotional health in a matter of time.

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